Thursday, February 12, 2009

Web service checker by Erlang

web assertion checker by Erlang

major functionalities

Here is my initial idea.

Multi-process test-driver : Erlang's multi-processing feature fits
        Root process checks test-completion and report summary
        page-transition => inter-process communication via messages (process transition table is given by root process)

Minimum wait for Rate limit : to save tested site, 5second minimum wait is inserted.

State transition via : request path / cookie / Authentication (Basic|Digest)
       for Identity / Secret(password, authorized keys) / Session
    passed by Messages

Assertion : any AND, OR combination of followings
    equal((text|HTML docs|XHTML docs|XML docs|), state)
    DOM-equal((XHTML docs|XML docs|), state)
    Partial-DOM-equal((XHTML docs|XML docs|), DOM-mask, state)
    Response-Header-equal(Header, state)
    Partial-Response-Header-equal(Header, Header-mask, state)
    Location-equal(URL, state)

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