Thursday, February 19, 2009

What is ffp?

In my previous entry, I've posted very messed-up procedure to install ffp(f2p).
But, don't blame ffp. Ffp( itself is very smart and simple(thin-layered) application. I thank NaHi, author of this product. He said "ffp is for mobile-FriendFeed users".

FriendFeed is one of the best tools for re-blogging(twitting) with powerfull aggregation.
Ffp is used for the basis of UI-customization.

Now ffp offers you
  • simple/slim UI for "traditional-mobile phone web-browser" (although iPhone has its special UI from FriendFeed)
  • grouping messages/entries from various feed-sources into comment-tree structure
  • "recent-updated" view
  • re-share(cite/quote) messages from friend feed and manage it in your feed (So, your another friend may refer interesting post of friend-of-friend. Note: privacy matter might be cleared)
Still ffp seems to be in enhancement process. Feel free to drop in f2p room at FriendFeed.

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