Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FUMBARO Japan project

Recently, I'm spending so many hours in Twitter.
There, "FUMBARO Japan" (Never say die Japan!) project is going on.

The project covers "needs vs help matching" in recovery process from that earthquakes and following nuclear-plant accident.

Usually, this function is covered by the Japanese goverment and local public body. But in this disaster, some of local public body itself were severely damaged. So, thousand of people are still no-food, no-tapwater, no-electric power, no-home (some are gathering at relations home).
Many NGO, NPO, and volunteer groups are busy helping victims. But, still "needs research on-foot" is not completed yet. The "Fumbaro Japan" project covers this point.
As long as you can see on TV, and internet, most of striken areas are going back to "NORMAL". But, still there are so many people waiting help without network connection.

If you have any idea to help them, please contact to @saijotakeo on Twitter. Or, look at on Facebook.

Further, if you can read some Japanese, you can send goods based on "Wish list" on . "Fumbaro Japan project" is working on wish-list making from their "needs research"


  1. Here is the suggested relief-goods list (Amazon wish list) from victims of tsunami and earthquakes in Japan. (Updated automatically. Not moderated by human.)

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