Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chorus of loops: how to hear my thoughts

Loops are murmuring random song in random rhythm.  Some are the same, and others are completely different.

When it becomes to a "Chorus" by some group of loops, it comes to 'my mind' and make me move... isn't it?

I wondered how to pickup special loop from the sea of them. But, no one choose, the loudest group can be heard.
How to be louder? Sync with someone like you.

Loops are stored and repeat its song endlessly/randomly  in the long-term storage: Frontal lobe.
But when some of them sync in Chorus, it sounds loud and clear and attract more synchronous peer.

The 'Sound' of Chorus of loops may affect my sensor-connected part of brain like Scenery from my eyes or Music from my ears.
... is it a DREAM?

Chorus of loops may not be heard as the real sound, but memories of sound.
Loop pattern may be constructed chain of other loops.

Chorus of loops can be 'memorized' as another loop. It may differ from original one (some member of Chorus) or mean value of them.

Items of loop may be visual memory, and others may be audible memory.
Then, Chorus memorization process may cause some error to change type of memory. (coded value nearly the same,, but type bit is wrong,,etc.) 
In such a case, visual / audio /smell context may be mixed. I believe some part of my memories are such a mixture/mutation of loop-chains.

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