Friday, October 4, 2013

Syntax rules the world

If it were loops (echo chamber memorization system) are storage system of brain (or Virtual machine of brain), syntax of spoken sentence would affect the structure of loop.

+ a b
a b +
I love you

loop could be rehearsed as sound 'sequence'.

There is another problem.
How to 'match' each sequence (loop).
Pattern matching? meaning equality?

Anyway, 'translation' can be 'memorization of matching between some loops'.

loop of translation : 'the fact loop A = loop B' to memorize
Thus, yet another loop 'A = B' 

How to match 'partially'?
A B +
C D +
How to detect some compatibility between above loops?

Matching of '+'?

If syntax is not compatible, hard to detect?
(in this case 'containing' matching)
A B +
A + B

Note: Matching problem can be the problem of 'definition of distance'.

Element of loop may be matched.

'+' would be the very popular and significant element (loop) in arithmetic context.
Thus '+' and both loops('A B +' and 'A + B') could be connected and compiled yet another loop.


I/O system may affect loop system

Handwriting, Typing keyboard, Speak directly your idea, Thin in mind, etc.
may affect loop construction.

loop is memory of sequence.
Mixture of thinking (loop rehearsal) and IO (body movement) are compiled the loop.

Visual image, music, smell of environment etc. also compiled (make linkages to each element:loop).

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