Thursday, October 3, 2013

imagine there is no OS, nor DataCenter

no center: P2P (Mob to Mob)
multiplexed, and democratic consensus based decision,
dynamic, random, and stochastic networked,

maybe encrypted, but if the data is scattered in random pattern with timestamp and window offset, and processed at very high-speed, and in very fat volume,
there would be no decryption scheme to rival.

No OS: no specific boundary other than working sets.
There only are computation units, Data and Recipe.
Data calls process, or wait for in queue.

No architecture on backend. Just API.
Just Virtual Queues and Virtual Coolies there.
Queues are multiplexed and Issuer satisfied by one result. one after another (and even better) result may come later, but first one clears queue. (ticket maybe 2-part, recipe and return address/answer space to call contentment checker)

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  1. 'Winney' might be the key technology of this kind of system.